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Game Light™
Game Light™
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Light Up The Night™

Introducing the Game Light™, a powerful LED lighting system that lights up your game without drawing a foul on your energy bill. Made for all free-standing Mega Slam Hoops or any other brand of free-standing hoop with the either a 12”x8”, 8”x6”, 6”x6” or 5”x5” main pole. (Patent Pending.)

12K-Lumen LED Light

12K-Lumen LED Light

12K-Lumen LED Light

See every play clearly when you light up the court with light measured at over 12,000 lumens bright. LED lighting runs cool and uses 90% less energy than halogen bulbs. No electrician required for assembly. Only an exterior extension cord is needed.

Rock-Solid Fixture

Rock-Solid Fixture

Rock-Solid Fixture

Our bright and compact single-light fixture centers the weight on system, which reduces stress on the main pole and provides a more rigid playing experience. No shaking. No swaying.

What’s included?

(1) LED 12K-Lumen Light Fixture
(1) Light connector & power cord
(1) Galvanized & powder-coated steel light pole assembly
Weather resistant mounting parts & hardware

Lights make night playing much more fun, and they also allow you to play in the wee hours of the morning. The best way to enjoy a long day at the courts is to make sure you have enough light. You can save your eyes and improve your gameplay with a selection of basketball lights that we currently have on offer.

 Basketball lights for night playing are a great option for many families. They provide the perfect light to be able to see in the dark, while still being safe for playing at night or in areas of reduced lighting. The 12,000 lumen means that you’ll be able to see the basketball hoops even in the darkest of nights.

 Pole-mounted lights are the most commonly purchased floodlights. They are also the most popular because they are very easy to install. You get the same ease in installation with our GAME LIGHT™ products. Post-mounted lights are usually purchased and installed a bit differently because they need to be installed on a pole or structure. The most popular places for these lights are on basketball hoops and volleyball nets. Once you get the post up in place, you can clip each light to the slat or what is called a “throwie,” which is the metal plate that prevents the light from falling off of the pole.

 Making the most of your outdoor hoop time can be challenging. That’s why we created Game Light™ –- perfect for all free-standing Mega Slam Hoops.  Game Light™ has a simple design, rock-solid fixtures, and 12,000 Lumens LED light to make playing in the dark easy and fun.

 The light system features a patented angle guiding system which makes installation easy and error-free. The design also allows the LED light fixture with its 360 degrees swiveling neck to be adjusted for optimal viewing while providing maximum versatility. In addition, the LED lighting system can be mounted on standard masonry or concrete walls.




This Game Light™ works with these systems.
MegaSlam XL
MegaSlam 72
MegaSlam 60
MegaSlam 54
FX Pro
FX 72
FX 60



Average rating

Review of a Mega Slam Game Light
Review of a Mega Slam Game Light
January 16, 2018
Fairfax, VA
Great Addition
Fantastic light. High and well out of range of normal shots. Pretty easy to install. Only the frigid temps are keeping my son from utilizing every night.
October 29, 2017
San Antonio, TX
Keeping the kids active after hours
Love the new light! Great product at a great price that solves one of our main challenges. Impossible to get home in time to play with the kids before sunset not to mention playing at night is much cooler in TX! I appreciate the fact that the fixtures are LED and really provide great coverage over the entire playing area. Will send pics soon.
October 18, 2017
Mobile, AL
I can land a plane on my driveway it is so bright
We bought the 660 last year and installed the Goalrilla Light on it since yall didn’t have one yet. Every time the ball hit the glass those lights would shake real bad. I had to swap the bulbs a lot and so we were glad to swap it out with the new Megaslam Light. This one is a ton brighter and doesn’t shake like the old one. Much, much better!